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As of March 3, 2010, it is possible for same-sex couples to legally marry in the District of Columbia. Here is some basic information on marriage in the District:

To apply for a marriage license in the District of Columbia you must visit the DC Court Marriage Bureau located in H. Carl Moultrie Courthouse, 500 Indiana Avenue, NW, Room #JM690. The office hours are 8:30 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.

All marriage licenses are issued three days after the date an application is filed.

Each party in the marriage must bring proof of identity, such as a driver’s license, government issued non-driver’s identification, birth certificate, passport or a similar official document. The application requires the parties to identify the name of the officiant who will perform the marriage ceremony. The officiant is any District of Columbia Judge or anyone who is authorized by a religious organization to officiate marriages, such as a minister, priest, rabbi or imam, so long as he or she is registered with the Marriage Bureau to officiate marriages. In addition, the couple should bring the $35 license application and an additional $10 if you would like a certified copy of the marriage certificate. The fee must be paid in cash, credit card or by a money order made out to “Clerk of the Court, DC Superior Court.”

The $35 marriage license application fee is waived if you are already registered as Domestic Partners in the District of Columbia. If you are part of a District of Columbia Domestic Partnership, upon marrying, your Domestic Partnership automatically dissolves and you are simply married. If you are part of a Domestic Partnership or Civil Union from another state, the other state’s law may require you to dissolve it prior to marrying in the District of Columbia. Check the other state’s law about your responsibilities and obligations relating to dissolving that legal relationship prior to marrying.

You must have your receipt to pick up the license. Marriage Licenses are not issued by mail.

For more information visit the DC Court online or call (202) 879-4840.